Pre-school, Schools, Universities

Senior Citizens

People with disability, Dementia, Nursing homes, Hospitals

Corporate Employees

Real estate agents, Late shifts working women, Call center employees

Smart Personal ID

"Guardian Angel (gAngel) is a smart personal ID that with a click of a button can inform family and friends that they are in an emergency."

  • Light weight device – only 39 gms
  • Accurate GPS tracking device
  • SOS & Instant Phone Call/Chat with device
  • Day-to-day activity records
  • Mobile Application support(Both IOS and Android)
  • Device Tamper Alarm and Low Battery Alert



SOS (Voice and SMS)

gAngel calls up to 4 configured numbers in sequence (3 times) and also sends SMS text with GPS location of the device to the primary number when SOS is pressed.


Phone / Voice Call

gAngel can call up to 4 phone numbers including family and friends and do a 2-way voice communication.


Auto Notification (Geo Fence)

Family and friends receive notifications when gAngel leaves or enters the Geo Fence area e.g. house, school, office, nursing home, old age home etc.


GPS Tracking (Path History)

Guardians can track gAngel's path history for the past 30 days on google maps.


Silent Mode / GPS Location

Guardians can get real time location updates of gAngel without disturbing the loved ones them.


Home Work

School can publish homework, school news, popular articles for parents to check on mobile app.


Attendance Check

Parents check students attendance, request for leave for students, homework contents from mobile app.


Instant Chat

Parents can chat with teachers and other parents via mobile app.


Device Tamper Alarm and Low Battery Alert.



Why gAngel

  • Better Stability and Quality
  • Superior technology and engineering
  • Feature packed device
    • - Other tracking devices are targeted for cars, pets etc. gAngel is dedicated for kids, women and patients
    • - gAngel is not only a GPS tracker but also has Student Homework, Attendance tracking, School bulletin Social Media (chat) in one integrated environment.
    • - Centralized web application for central monitoring for Schools and universities.
  • Device size
    • - One of the smallest size and lightest weight in the industry. Others competitor products are bulky and hard to wear or carry.
  • Design Patent and Trademark
  • Cost competitive for the features and stability of the device

Download the gAngel Mobile App today (OtusVCare)

Web Platform


Path Tracking


Mobile App


Technical details

Material : ABS

Weight : 39g

Color : White, Pink

USB Charger, 710mAh

Size : 55 * 90 * 7.45mm

Battery Life : 3-5 Days

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